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So ads are coming to the "cool" messaging service that doesn't want to keep your data. I have never been a fan of snapchat, because I feel it has built its service on a "white lie." They are now proving it. Snapchat is gearing up to start sending ads to its users. This, they say, is to make sure that they continue to improve their product. They even promised it: "that we’ll use the money we make to continue to surprise the Snapchat community with more terrific products – that’s what we love to do!" Quite a promise considering that founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy each skimmed $10 million off of the top of their $80 million Series B for themselves. They say that the ads will randomly be sent to everyone and that users will have an optional opt-in option. The problem, though, is that people will get spammed with hundreds of snaps from all these brands, unless........ Snapchat has a way to use its data to make the ads more targeted. Wait! Isn't that the same user data that Snapchat has always said they would never keep? hmmm Something about this service has made me nervous. I think this might just be the start of snapchat using its "nonexistent" user data to power its financial aspirations.
Uhhhh if this was totally random okay but somehow I don't believe it?
Never used it, never will, I don't trust anything that claims to "not save my data." At least be honest about it.