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Google Cardboard: How it works!: http://youtu.be/SxAj2lyX4oU
One of the guys in my office brought one of these in a few weeks back, and I looked up to see everyone with their face in a box looking around the office :) Needless to say, I was pretty impressed once I actually tried it!!
ten dollars super cheap or free because you can make it. Not a diy person so I asked for this for Xmas and if I don't get it...it is only 10$ I get it now before it goes up in price!
@DanWest so true, I had not even thought of that....truly ingenious. If I were a developer, I definitely would be onto this. I am really looking forward to hearing about updates with VR applications. I'm really looking forward to try the video one, it looks amazing.
@TechAtHeart I think the options are vast. And, making this accessory so affordable via Cardboard construction is ingenious, as well. historically, Virtual Reality had been insanely expensive to access and own. This option opens up cheaper production of VR applications for developers and must easier adaptation for consumers.
How'd you like it? I looked on Amazon to purchase one, yesterday.
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