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Live recap ENDED ------------------------------------------------------ *Disclaimer: This is my first attempt doing a live recap so please forgive any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. Refresh this card or King 2 Hearts party for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comments below~~~ *Legend Jae Ha: JH Kang Ah: KA Jae Shin: JS Shi Gyung: SG Bong Goo (creepy guy creepy): BG --------------------------------------------------- Starts from last ep, JH and KA got embarrased after being seen by the King and KA's dad. The two went to 2 separate room. KA talked with the King and JH with the dad. King asked KA if she liked JH but sorry about many things. She asked him is it ok (to like JH or being of the royal family). King said of course. Dad interrogates JH. Asking if he really likes KA or what. He's about to leave then JH grab his leg kneeling on the floor. Next day engagement is announced to everyone through TV and newspaper. News reporters take pictures of KA showing her passport with special visa to enter South Korea. Dad is watching the news. Looking troubled. Dad meets JH, kneeled on the floor. JH also kneeled, asking him to stand up and then signaled the guards to leave. Dad speaks to JH, while kneeling saying how KA's mom passed away when she was young. Asks JH please take care of KA and she will always follow him and stay by his side so please please (take care of her meaning) . He then bowed with his head touching to the floor saying . Then left. KA watched him leave from her window. Remembering her dad's words that she gotta follow South Korea's rule when she's in SK. She said I'm sorry dad. The family is having together, KA is also there. Some heavy atmosphere between KA and Queen Mother. JH is messing around with KA again. Asking if she's scared of QM. But she said no and said that she likes QM and that she (QM) looks young. KA is looking at her passport with SK's visa. A royal officer is teaching her about SK's money, showing her different bills. QM came to see her. QM tried to tell KA if she's about to make a mistake then just keep it. KA asked if she meant by not saying anything at all. QM said no she just meant to that KA should be careful, is that asking too much of her. Then QM just said fine if you want to say it then just say. Switched to our princess JS having a drink with some friends with her guards behind. She doesn't like them so she walked outside then run. Only SG chased her. They went to a fortress. JS hopped on the wall. Saw a shooting star and said they should make a wish so they did. She asked what he wished for, word peace? or national safety? Then she asked did he really wish that then started laughing. He asked what's so funny. Is it weird that he makes a wish for his country. Because of them soldiers the royal family can live comfortably but why she's making fun of them. He said in an angry tone. She said sorry. She doesn't mean to tease him. She asked if he wants her to sing then she started singing. OMG she's good at singing. He gets shy and mesmerized by her. The secretary old man is talking to some man speaking English about Korean culture. Foreign asked he heard the King is on vacation. Asking where the king went for his vacation. Secretary said it's confidential info. Foreign guy said he's just curious. Secretary: it's a secret even among themselves. Foreign guy: I understand it was my mistake, don't tell me. The secretary old man is talking to some man speaking English about Korean culture. Foreign asked he heard the King is on vacation. Asking where the king went for his vacation. Secretary said it's confidential info. Foreign guy said he's just curious. Secretary: it's a secret even among themselves. Foreign guy: I understand it was my mistake, don't tell me. Secretary came back home and saw a box with a gift of CD with photos of some young boys playing in a band. He called the Korean guy his name is Craig or something. Said he would send the gift back. Craig said he doesn't understand Korean culture, why so much think so much politically about gifts between friends. Secretary said he will accept it and told the guy if he wants to take a vacation in Korea, he should go to …(didn't catch it, think An Myun Island or sty) it's really beautiful there Then BG is looking at some murderous creepy photos on the wall. The girl who murdered his dad was in the bedroom. The king is seen look at the scenery with his queen. And Secretary is watching them. SG is communicating with other guards. Palace servants are gossiping about some news posted on internet about KA. KA came to see the QM. She's reading at the news. QM reprimanded KA saying I told you to be careful. KA said I'm also trying and hard and that she doesn't know. QM said she's a princess consort now. KA said she's confused. She's a normal person. QM said but you're a North Korean, asked if KA doesn't think she should lower her head down more. KA asked she has to lower her head more because she's a NK? JH walked in asked what happened. The QM just kinda dismissed his question then KA left without saying anything more. JH then asked a palace servant about KA. She said KA is studying so please wait 2 hours more. Princess JS is buying something on the street from an old lady then gave her a lot of money. She called JH i think but go hung up then called SG. He asked when she comes back then hung up on her. She drove away. A white car is approaching the King's vacation place i think. A car is stopped by the soldiers. They asked for direction. The solider gave them direction. The foregoing guy said he's nice and held out his hand for a handshake. They drove somewhere else and make a copy of the solider's fingerprint on the glove of the guy who held out for handshake. Then infiltrates the place while the guards stand watch. The girl who killed BG's father is doing the mission. The King is happily enjoying his time walking on the beach with his wife. The assassins are seen doing their work. JS came to the vacation place with groceries calling for the King but no one is in the house. She met the assassins! The gothic assassin said: Pretty, you should not come here. King and Queen came back and saw JS's groceries. King said it must have been JS and called out for her but no one answered. SG talked on his walkie talkie, looked at his watch then remember JS said around what time she would come back but it was way past the time then he got worried KA is seen wearing royal wedding dress walking to her room. JH is reading a magazine waiting for her. JH talked about QM asking if she said anything in front of QM. He said you guys NK are poor. Then realized what he just said then said sorry, it was a mistake. KA said we have pride because we are poor if not then people will look down on us. JH said he said he's sorry already. He kneeled on the floor while she's sitting on the bed. Saying he's sorry and tried to hold her hand but she pulled away. She glared at him with tears in her eyes. He just left and sighed behind the closed door. She called her dad shouting complaints but only the voice machine answered. Then the King called her she's surprised then bowed to him. He asked how she's doing. Then she asked him when he's coming back. He said maybe tomorrow afternoon. He asked if something's wrong. She said everything is ok. The King called JH who's in a nice tuxedo in his car going somewhere. King asked you know Iove you right. I like you and Hang Ah. Think openly. JH is spouting. King and queen wonder why they cannot get a hold of JS. She doesn't answer when they call her. He lied down on his wife's lap. She told him to forget about his worries till tomorrow. He sat up and his queen leaned on his shoulder then they talked. He said it's hard to even get 3rd place in the officer competition. He said he would be so happy to see North and South fighting together in the competition. Then he said they should also think about their baby. They can come to this place and enjoy with their baby and do snow fight. He said it's nice being with her like this. She said how about having a son. King said she wants a daughter first with a beautiful saying daddy. Suspense music starts. Queen and King starts to fall asleep JS is seen with assassins. They are making it looks like a car accident. Gothic assassin said a car accident would be boring but still be good then gave her a sleeping drug or something, saying it will help and it tastes good. JS said something probably cursing. Then run toward the cliff and jumped. The assassins saw SG's car approaching. He saw JS lying and run to call for help. The assassins watched then left. A royal officer knocked on the door asking for the king but he didn't answered. He looked through the glass window and saw King and Queen sleeping. The wine glass fell on the floor. JH is at some party. Then secretary guy came in with guards to deliver the news. Saying the King died. They all kneeled down and everyone in the party also did. He called JH the King. JH is shocked but maintained his composure JH is in the car while secratry reporting the situation regarding America, princess and King. JH ordered to stop the car. They stopped on a bridge. JH walked out and thought about the King with tears in his eyes. Secretary watched his back. Secretary looked at something on his phone, a document or some sort, then quickly closed it. JH said let's go to the hospital first and asked if his mom is there. QM is sitting asking where is the king. Royal palace with tears in her eyes said he's coming. JH came to hospital, hesitated for a bit then open the hospital door. QM is standing behind the door asking what he's doing. He's the king now. Saying he has to be strong, please. Then hugs him with tears in her eyes. END EP 7!
wow torrent raw for ep 7 is out 20' after the ep airs and link to full raw is already up on youtube o_O. dont we just love our K2H's fan community!
O, the king died and JH has become the king. He has to learn taking up responsibilities for his country.
thank you for the recap :-)
thank you so much for your live caps ^^
Thank you soula81! You are the best!
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