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Live recap ENDED ------------------------------------------------------ *Disclaimer: This is my first attempt doing a live recap so please forgive any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. Refresh this card or King 2 Hearts party for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and comments below~~~ *Legend Jae Ha: JH Kang Ah: KA Jae Shin: JS Shi Gyung: SG Queen Mother: QM Bong Goo (creepy guy creepy): BG --------------------------------------------------- Siren cars. JH came back to the palace. Someone is mourning for the King out loud. He came to his room. Saw a suit. He put the suit on the bed, thinking about his earlier conversation with the King when the King said you know I love you right. Starts undressing with tears falling down, flashback about his image with the King. I'm trying to hold back my tears while typing too :(. He covered his eyes while tears still falling down. KA received a call. Came out and JH. Expressioless. Secretary told her to not block the kind's way or something. She calls him your highness. Secretary asked the King to hurry. JH told KA don't talk to me like that. He's dressed in the red king attire. Someone brings out a box that probably contains the royal seal. He looked at the previous king's portrait. Secretary came to tell him various things then left. JH listened to an intercom while looking at his brother's portrait in the King's office with eyes red with tears. Tears fall down his face :( . Secretary is reading some docs in another office. JH came and sat down. He looked over mountains of documents. he started to feel headache. He started complaining. Sect asked him what did he do until today. JH ordered Sect to bring him some Arirang files (what the heck is that). Said don't know my IQ? It's 187, if you don't believe it then check it. He started reading through the files seriously. Sect got a call from someone then an old man shows up to report something. He said they checked many things but didn't know why …(didn't catch it) . Sect remember the convo with the foreign guys and him telling the guy the location. He opened his phone again and it was a picture of the King's vacation home where he was killed with words : Thank you for your help written in red. Sect is shocked realizing what he had done. QM is on the phone asking someone to prepare Korean breakfast and asked why JS is not princess and her brain is not damaged. Then JS started to wake up. Someone came to report to JH that JS has woken up. But it seems she has no recollection of what happened. She asked if she fell down and where? She remembered being with her friends. SG asked if she remembered him calling her. She tried to remember, then look for her phone. She asked what happened to her legs. Sect got a text from his son saying the King wants to see her. Sect came to meet JH, JH asked if he's feeling better. JH asked if his brother's death was really an accident. Saying isn't it weird. Sect said it was his fault that the King died. He didn't checked everything thoroughly. JH asked what about the chimney and window? Sect said he didn't. JH angrily kicked the small table and it fell down on the floor. He then said I'll ask you one question, is it because you dislike me? You should be punished. Stay by my side and help me become a good king. Sect is touched by JH's words. JH: don't you know what I'm saying? I need you. Sect left then got a call from BG. He asked who is this. BG said you know who I am right. Didn't you get the email? You know the truth right? Sect: what do you mean? The bribe? (the gift?). BG: so you're trying to forget. Is that why you didn't tell the prince the truth? He (JH) is not a king, just garbage (I think) that Lee Jae Ha. Gothic assassin is looking news English on her ipad about whether the King's death was an accident. She stood up (she's at the airport) and got an airplane ticket to leave somewhere. KA is in a greenhouse trying to plant something but the royal servants are saying something to her. JH came to see her. She did a 90 degree bowed to him. He laughed and asked if she's filming an old drama or something. QM is cleaning JS' feet. She stealthily took a comb with sharp pointed metal and press it hard on her thights and some blood came out. QM was shocked and asked what she's doing. JS said she cannot feel anything and it doesn't hurt. QM left and SG is standing outside. JS asked who is outside and if it's SG then asked him to go back. KA came to see JS but QM doesn't seem to want her to see JS. Then a doctor is checking on KA. JS seems to realize something. She tried to call her mother but she's not there. She's trying to reach a tissue box but couldn't reach because of her feet so she fell off the bed. The guards were about to rush in but she ordered them not too. The doctor who is with KA got a call from SG reporting about JS' situation. She ordered them to not come inside. SG told her not to come inside but KA came and came inside anyway with a serious look on her face. KA took the blanket and throw it in the restroom and turn on the water. JS screamed. It seems she did a big one on her bed. KA dragged her to the restroom while she's screaming. KA asked if she wants to take a shower in poo water. Doctors came and asked if everything is ok while standing outside. KA motioned something to the princess. JS said everything is alright to the doctors. JS said it's ok and she can do it herself. KA asked if she's out of her mind. QM is busy so please think about and don't be like a kid. Even the King and her KA have to go poo too so it's not a big deal. JS cried a little. QM came in asked what happened and saw KA putting lotion on JS' feet. She's fascinated with different types of lotions and surprised to see QM standing there. KA asked if she should get coffee. Then QM took her to a kitchen. QM started cooking while KA is standing on the side helping. QM gave her some instruction as to how to wash clams(?). QM is making some soup. Then the family JH, KA, QM and JS eating dinner together. It's a soup with mushroom and clams I think. Looks spicy. They looked for JS to see her reaction. She said it's good but…Then QM asked JH to try. He took a clam and ate. He frowned and turned away. He mentioned something about JS by mistake so the atmosphere got awkward for a sec but everyone became happy again. QM left and she started crying in the car. SG sat in the front and saw saw her crying. JS sitting in her bed listening to music and looked at a photo of the previous king on her phone and started crying while hugging the phone to her chest. It's the previous King and QUeen's funeral. JH dressed in formal King's attire with a heavy face seeing the two coffins being arrayed. KA sat in her room with tears remembering her convo with the King. At the funeral. JH shows no expression. Everyone looks at the huge portraits of the King and Queen while slideshows of the Kings, his childhood, his time watching soccer and reuses in red shirt of red devils with the previous king, photo with his wife. JH and QM bowed to pay last respect to the King and Queen's portrait. KA came to JH's room. JH asked why she came. KA asked him to cry. He said he's busy. KA said you're hurt. JH said there's no such thing while his eyes are red. KA came to see Sect. JH got a phone call then hung up and feeling down he squatted down and put his head on the table in distress. SG came in. JH asked what and remembered he had a meeting. SG told him it's canceled and asked what his favorite food is. He said meat and asked why? SG said it's just… KA is pouring some wine. Researching on her tablet some cheesy movie about how to cheer up a guy. She remembers him telling her about how to catch a guy's heart by sang oppa. She feels disgusted to act like that and shakes her head. JH came in and asked what is it, he's busy and has to work. She pointed to the sausage on the table and told him to eat it, oppa. He is surprised and said did you just call me oppa. She's surprised at herself as well. He asked if she practiced. Then she said she would perform something for him asked him to promise not to laugh. He agreed then did her cute little dance with with cat paws. He tried hard not to laugh. He bursted out laughing then she got shy and hid behind the door. He said it was cute and she did. He then hopped on her bed and lied down. She came near and he pulled her closer which makes her fluster. They talked about the previous King. She showed him a photo of the King and Queen together which the King sent her. He looks at it and starts telling her about his last phone call with the rev. King. Remembering his convo and said he just hung up on him. He said with tears falling down his tears. Saying he's really sorry and he really didn't know. He started crying like a baby. KA hugged him and pats him on his shoulder. He also hugged waist. Then scenes of the two naked in bed. whatttttt. Ok so KA woke up, she's wearing her pink night gown looking at JH sleeping soundly. Well so we got the idea what happened! Then Sect came to meet them. KA is dressed to meet Sect. Someone knocked on the door asking for JH. KA said sorry (about what?). Sect got a call from BG. He's on the plane with some foreigners. BG asked him if it's midnight over there. He answered it's day (not sure about this part). BG said it's gonna become bright soon and he's following the sun. He's coming to Korea. he complained that he smells of kimchi. He came to palace to meet JH. JH asked who is John Myer and was told it's the president of club M. JH meets BG and told him he just had 13 meetings in the morning and 27 more to go. BG bowed and said it's an honor to meet JH and good to see him again. JH said yes me too but…asked what do you mean again? BG looked up and creepily ask, you don't remember? JH is surprised END ep 8 I'm so tired T_T. Hope you enjoy it! Preview: such a long preview and I didnt catch much of it Scene of JS confronting with KA something. Sect bowed and apologized to the portrait of the previous King. They digged up a black box. Inside there's a black old model cell phone. JH angrily took the box away in front of KA (have no idea why). KA's dad is complaining something. The end of the preview. Sect is talking to KA. KA asked him something with tears falling down her face
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