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So I apologize in advance if I've sufficiently terrified all of you who are just waking up and checking your Vingle feed, but I just had to share with you these amazing and completely creepy carved pumpkins made by American sculptor Jon Neill. Currently, he's a sculpture instructor at Laguna College of Art & Design in Orange County, California, but when he's not shaping the minds of the area's future artists, he's shaping Halloween pumpkins into - well, see for yourself. And feel free to check out the amazing time lapse video I provided too. (That is, if you're brave enough!)
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I've been avoiding all the scary movie marathons on TV but I can't escape this card gahhhh too creepy!!!
Oh no, I can't even look at these!!! Too scary! Very talented though!
THE FACE! I am making right now oooooooh my god these are so cool but so gross!
@AgentCory I like that green gobliny looking one. He reminds me of Slimer from Ghostbusters!
@danidee oh my god you're right!!! I can't unsee it now XD