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"Situation Room" is an immersing installation by visual/sound artist Jana Winderen and sculptor Marc Fornes (also known as Theverymany) at Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City. Looking like a kind of intriguing neon pink cave, visitors are encouraged to pass through its smaller passages and discover the interactive system of the installation. According to Marc Fornes, the purpose of the work is to "create an envelope of experiential tension, a sort of sublime dialogue between the comfort of the known and an uneasy interaction with the unknown." Headed to New York soon? In the New York area? The installation will be open through November 21, so feel free to head out and see it for yourself!
I really love exhibits that create their own room within a room like this: I wish I could go!!
This is so fun!! Why am I not in NY right now?!
@galinda you took the words right out of my mouth! Here's a suggestion...Let's plan a trip to #amazing art hotspots!! @danidee are you up to the challenge? hehehe