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What do you think it will happen up to the end? They'll end up together, or not?
@nylamrehs i think she already has that..all that sickness is may be from some previous amnesia thing that she had.. i don't know for sure though..the subs are not that explanatory
and more than that, being innocent...
hey neaa, in what episode do you think eunki gets amnesia? and will she stay with maru during her amnesia days...?
he already sold his soul to the devil... jail it not an easy experience to deal with...
originally he's a nice guy but all that hatred, pain and his love for jae hee is eating him up alive.. and it's turning him into a bad guy.. bix2anca's right, his natural good nature will bring him back to becoming a nice guy once again.. i think that 1 yr that you're talking about? i think he trained himself to not feel anything, uses girls for their money, heartlessly.. being a bastard who has no conscience, in other words he trained himself to be a bad guy, that's so far from his true self.. in preparation for his revenge to jae hee..
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