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Take your Yoga Matt everywhere you Go...or NOT!! No Matt No excuses! Yoga Glove Matt's! How cool and convenient is that? :)
Hmm I see the Communities search, my problem is not knowing the name of the communities I'm interested in! lol I'll keep trying, thnx again!
I'm going to try to do better!...how about the actual demo video? Now when I post/share under collections, I see my Own collections! Do I search first?
Ha ha yes! I feel the same. I press/click on the pictures hoping they open by themselves to post and share. I'll work on that, thnx!
@OGMoneyCash when you're making or editing the card you can choose what community to put it in :) The link opens I just wanted a pic so I could remember what the link is for exactly haha
Hmm I keep getting the same thing (question). I'm thinking what I'm seeing and posting will be opening/showing here. When you click the link, does it open(populate)? I thought I had the Yoga community on my profile. Do I Add Yoga or just post there? Thnx :)
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