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Take your Yoga Matt everywhere you Go...or NOT!! No Matt No excuses! Yoga Glove Matt's! How cool and convenient is that? :)
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Hmm I keep getting the same thing (question). I'm thinking what I'm seeing and posting will be opening/showing here. When you click the link, does it open(populate)? I thought I had the Yoga community on my profile. Do I Add Yoga or just post there? Thnx :)
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@OGMoneyCash when you're making or editing the card you can choose what community to put it in :) The link opens I just wanted a pic so I could remember what the link is for exactly haha
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Ha ha yes! I feel the same. I press/click on the pictures hoping they open by themselves to post and share. I'll work on that, thnx!
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I'm going to try to do better!...how about the actual demo video? Now when I post/share under collections, I see my Own collections! Do I search first?
3 years ago·Reply
Hmm I see the Communities search, my problem is not knowing the name of the communities I'm interested in! lol I'll keep trying, thnx again!
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