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I was curious about FKA twigs after reading about her and Robert Pattinson being an item and found this strange video she directed. She is an English Singer-Songwriter based in London. FKA stands for "Formerly Known As". I can't tell what she is trying to say with this video...maybe how technology can help artists with creativity? I don't know. Any thoughts or interpretations are welcome because I really want to try to understand this, haha. I personally find it confusing.
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@caricakes Definitely! She almost reminds me of Bjork...can't really explain it.
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@TechAtHeart haha no I can see that, just cause she's so bizarre and spacey but in a really really good way!
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This is so funky, I dont know what I expected, but not this!
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@kristenadams yeah I'm still confused...wondering she even made a video with google glass...
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I don't even really have an interpretation, but it does make me want to use Google Glass sometime soon.
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