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I envision a world with nothing but peace and love No war, no murder, no bodies found dead in a tub Imagine everyone happy, without a fear for security Smiling, laughing, with no signs of immaturity Now this might sound like quite the impossible task But we can make this dream into reality, peace at last It can take a long time, it might not happen in a century But I believe in world peace, man, we'll get there, eventually
thanks @timeturnerjones! usually, as I write, I say everything out in my head to make sure it sounds good. If I see that something doesn't seem to fit, I edit lines to keep everything relative to each other
Well said @timeturnerjones! Thanks for the reminder that change can happen @GeorgeJensenJr
@GeorgeJensenJr I'm going to be starting a collection about poetic lines soon; keep an eye out for it! I think you're doing great as is.
thanks @greggr, honestly I don't know much about poetry structure and all that, so if you have any tips on how to improve, I'd appreciate it!
Your lines are also pretty close to having the same number of metrical feet as well! Nice work. @GeorgeJensenJr
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