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This one hails from Gaeko's relatively new album, Redingray and based on my other cards, one can probably tell that I'm an ambivalent fan of Dok2 but a huge fan of Gaeko, who has always had a pretty sweet mix of lyricism and just downright badassery, and the verses in this track do not disappoint. I've probably listened to this song more times than should be allowed in the last few days but hey, why not? I gotta say, I am absolutely not impressed by Dok2's continual "I'm so swag" attitude that just takes so much influence from the trappin' styles of Southern U.S. artists like Bobby Schmurda, etc, who focus more on sick beats than meaningful vocals. I know that the hip-hop scene in Korea is fairly small so collaboration like this seems normal but the two styles really clash so I tend to switch songs after Gaeko's verses finishes.
@caricakes I haven't given Gaeko's album a proper listen yet but I do love his single with HA:TFELT and Zion.T. Gaeko has yet to do any wrong by me, so I'm sure I'll absolutely love it.
@caricakes I wouldn't say it's particularly innovative by any means, but it matches a very particular style of song that I like so I tend to over-listen. Working on EH's new stuff now, hopefully I can put one of their songs up here myself for sure, especially given their recent album.
I need a little more time to get into this album (but now I'm totally sucked into Epik High's new release...) but I liked what I heard. Didn't necessarily wow me, but I think a second listen is all it needs. (@danidee ring in on this!)
this's got a really neat sound to it, heavy beat and kind of laid back. I like it even though I can't understand it lol
@icdevin I just gave Epik High a full listen and its totally that classic EH style that I've been missing. Let me know what you think!