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Nicholas Brendan, formerly Xander Harris on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was arrested during a drunken dispute at his hotel in Idaho. He has now posted an explanation and apology to his fans on his Facebook page saying he deeply regrets his actions and is sorry for disappointing his friends, family, fans, and himself.
wow he got arrested?! what did he even do? that's good he apologized, and i guess I hope he gets help and gets better!
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@AgentCory according to the reports I saw he got into a verbal dispute with the staff of the hotel he was staying at. I'm not sure about any other details.
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For some reason celebrities always get linked to drinking issues.
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@pixiedust yeeesh well I hope everyone's ok :/
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@AgentCory as do I, as @iluvdurian31 said this seems to happen with celebrities often and it makes me worry about the industry.
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