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Bono reading Charles Bukowski’s “Roll the Dice.” It's interesting that Bono chose to read this poem, especially considering that Bukowski was once quoted saying: ""He's a millionaire rock-star, a part of the establishment regardless of what he says." -- Bukowski on Bono, 1993" Some may not know Buk had an opinion on Bono. Myself, I'm not that offended by Bono, just sort of indifferent. I'd dispute that his art was as impactful as Bukowski's, but that's as far as I'd go.
It's really weird to hear him ready poetry? I don' tknow why, but he also just sounds really really smug lol @timeturnerjones
@onesmile Yeah, like I said I'm not the biggest fan but kind of indifferent: I really can't tell why he was reading in taht tone