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Kenneth Williams and Maggie Smith reading “Death in Leamington” by Sir John Betjeman. Seeing Maggie in this video reminds me of her role in the Harry Potter films. It's so fascinating to see how she's aged. How terribly unfortunate it is that Kenneth died when he did - I'd have loved to see him in films today as well. This is from an episode of Parkinson originally broadcast in February 1973. Betjeman is a fellow guest on the program. He was Poet Laureate from 1972 until his death.
Well!! Maggie looks so different--I had nearly forgotten what she looked like back then.
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@greggr All i see is a young professor HO style
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@greggr Harry Potter*
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@timeturnerjones I was going to say, what is "HO" style? Anyways , she does look so different!
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@timeturnerjones But actually, still very much the same.
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