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If you ever wanted to play Civilization 5 but never got around to it now’s the perfect time! To celebrate the release of Beyond Earth, Civ 5 will be available to play completely for free this week on Steam (until Thursday at least). Beyond Earth is available for pre-load right now, and there will be more information and news about it in the days to come after it’s out. Until then you can get your agricultural (or scientific or industrial) game on with Civ 5!
@AgentCory You got the game on STEAM mate?
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@Spudsy2061 yeah I tested it out a bit, I'm like terrible at civ games but it's really cool!
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@AgentCory Hit me up on STEAM if you're into playing Civ 5 against humans sometimes. I'm not good at 5 but my 2 mates play occasionally.
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