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Yes, you read that right XD Matt Hopkins aka 2 Mello, compuser, gamer, and hip-hop enthusiast has released a new mashup project celebrating the US re-release of Final Fantasy 6 (which was released in 1994 as Final Fantasy 3). The mashup album, Final Fantasy - The 3-6 Chambers, is Hopkins’ third mashup project. In 2013 he did Chrono Jigga, an awesome blend of Chrono Trigger and Jay-Z, and then a combo blend of Naz and Castlevania. I can’t even tell you how freaking awesome this is. Final Fantasy is famous for its music, and FF6 has some of the best in the franchise. You wouldn’t think the 16-bit midi flute, harp, and piano sound would blend with the *ahem* “sick beats” of Wu-Tang Clan but they two were made for each other. Hopkins is really happy with the success of his latest work, but is going to focus on his original work for now including an original soundtrack for the Kickstarter-funded indie game Read Only Memories.
FF VI was one of the better FF games I've played (I think the only ones I haven't played are XI & XIII now that I think of it). Having said that, this pleases me greatly.
@uberwren oh awesome!!! I don't really know chrono trigger, is it like ff6?
OH MY GAWD!!! So FF6 is my ultimate favorite and these mashups are freaking incredible! Totally gonna check out the Chrono Trigger ones too, that's another of my fave games!