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Coach Jay Gruden wouldn't rule out Robert Griffin III (ankle) returning for Week 8. If he doesn't return, Colt McCoy will get another start at QB. RG3 will need to get in a full practice before starting for the team again but with Cousins playing horrible and McCoy a forever-backup, they need RG3 back quick. RG3 is a must-add for anyone in need of quarterback help.
@dukes1 Yeah the Cowboys desperately need Romo to come back.
@EightyNine ya well the skins should be getting what they pay for. having a great momentum from last week from the back up quarterback to a loss by the first string qb... uhh.. sad.. at least the Cowboys lost again..
@dukes1 Skins fans have to feel let down. THey have an amazing win against the Cowboys and then stink it up versus the Vikings? Talk about playing to the level of competition...
@EightyNine good game.. I was hoping for over time... damn!! ha
Well I believe a quarterbacks job is to manage.. not to be a leader but to lead.. I don't wanna discredit rg3.. He tends to lead less, by taking to many unnecessary hits.. it's one thing to take risks at running the ball.. but preserve your health to secure your future.. rg3 your contract is to be a quarterback for the skins.. Please make me a believer ha..
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