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Trace measures your performance in action sports and auto edits your most exciting moments whether taken from a GoPro, iPhone, Android, or other camera. Rolling Tree's Mark Lawson was stoked to lead Dan Wilczek down this fast run for TRACE.
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This is siiiiiick
Thanks for posting this! Means a lot to the team over here at Trace.. Looking forward to working with more awesome people like those in this video. If you want to learn more about our product, Trace, peep this link here:
I want one!
@TraceUp You guys have an awesome product on your hands. So you guys have an app and the physical trace hardware, but you can upload trace stats to a video as well? Can you choose what stats to upload and the placement on the video itself?
@mikerosa92 Thank you for the kind words! We are excited to show the world. Trace is a device designed to help people improve and share their performance. It generates data and puts it into the our app and website (where you can view much more information). We also have auto-editing software that takes your footage, finds the action, and overlays the data on the video. You can't choose what stats to upload and customize the placement (yet), but we are working with each sport on what makes sense. For example, we measure cutback degree for surfing. Maybe Downhill Skating needs a slide meter? Feel free to send me an email and get in touch -