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I have loved Gwen since her No Doubt days, and while I prefer her ska style, this single is great! Her solo career has definitely been more poppy than anything No Doubt came near, but her song writing skills are unmatched so I can still appreciate her releases. You can grab Baby Don't Lie here: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon:
on of my fave singers love it
How is Gwen still the most adorable person alive?
@JenniferGurnham I'm glad she's had such a long career!
You should check out "Spark the Fire", too! I posted about it here:
She's so awesome - I've been her fan since Tragic Kingdom, including her solo albums! I definitely love Ska Gwen the best, but actually I think this video references ska a lot with the colors and the black and white patterns. There's also the little hint of reggae flavor that also throws back to No Doubt, especially Rock Steady. I love that she is getting back to her roots!
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