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My favorite kind of art is the kind that involves participation from the audience, making each viewer both the artist and a part of the art piece itself. Cata Sopros is an interactive sound installation that harnesses the power of the human breath. This collective musical instrument is made from paper windmills that transform the users’ breath into sounds. The windmills were built with electret microphones at the front to sense any wind blown intentionally on the paper. The video was shot at the cloister of the beautiful Alberto Sampaio museum in Guimarães.
I'm a bit late to the party, but I love this a lot. I love seeing how the people of all ages and interest levels are really enthusiastic about interacting with it.
The sounds they make are so interesting. I remember hearing about something like this in the NYC subway too and I really, really want to be a part of one!
I love this kind of exhibit, how creative!
I kind of wish every art exhibit was this interactive, or at least had a piece that was this interactive! There's something really fun about being able to be part of it, and not just an observing part.
This was really calming to watch, I wish I could have seen this in person!