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Anyone else watching this? "The story revolves around a little girl named Kohina. Kohina ends up summoning Kokkuri-san (a low-ranking ghost in Japanese folklore), who turns out to be a handsome, young, white-haired man. At first he merely intends to haunt her but soon becomes worried about her eating habits. Now he haunts her in order to protect her." (MAL) Despite some of the gross jokes, I really enjoy this show... I think it might end up my favorite from this season. It makes me laugh, and there are some heartwarming moments that just make me squeal and flail and kick my feet aggressively XD Also, the OP is so catchy! It's always stuck in my head~
@uberwren oooh good idea!
I've heard a lot about this and it's next on my to-watch list, glad to know it'll be worth it :)
This sounds really cute, you should do a collection of animes you're watching that you recommend ;)