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She may always be getting bad press for her relationship drama, but Taylor Swift gave long time buddy Selena Gomez some sound advice: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re going to be in the wrong room.” Swift wasn’t necessarily talking romantic relationships, but the advice translates to love just as easily as friendship. Your partner should be someone who challenges you and inspires you to do better and to be better. Someone who supports you and believes in you. When I’m having trouble with a student I can always get advice from my husband because he always astounds me with his insights that I simply never would have thought of! Find people who are smarter than you, people you think are better than you and let them inspire you to grow and be better yourself. And as a bonus, find someone who supports you as much as Swift supports Gomez!
@pixiedust yeah I guess that makes sense..... just seems scary, but if I look at it like a chance to show other people something new, that would be kinda cool c:
@AgentCory it can be, I do understand, but it really is worth it! If you only stay around people who know the same things as you, you won't have a chance to learn anything new, or show other people what you know!
@kristenadams absolutely! Always keep challenging yourself and striving for the best out there!
It's so scary to be around people smarter than me tho ><;
Actually good advice! Don't settle for so-so!