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When my mom pulled out a huge box of BSC books (Babysitter's Club, for those of you who are 90s girls) to sell them at our garage sale the next day, I stayed up the entire night rereading the camp and vacation editions, not quite ready to give them up. Thankfully, the books didn't actually sell, but I was afraid to let these books, that I've held onto for so long, go! So when HelloGiggles (a.k.a. my favorite cute site) shared this list of their favorite 90s YA book series, I knew I was about to take another fun trip down memory lane! Because I had an older brother, I tended to read the "boy" books more than the girl ones, but still, 10 years of Book It free pizzas meant that I have read a lot of books in my lifetime, particularly during the 90s! And so, here it is! Nine of the best 90s YA Book Series ever according to HelloGiggles: which one is your favorite? 9. The Saddle Club I was so into horses (I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that my parents wouldn't let me move to my grandfather's farm so I could have a horse growing up like my mom did) that these books were probably #3 or #4 on my list!! I definitely had a cake in middle school that was me, photoshopped onto a horse. In my defense, I did go to horse back riding camp every summer, and knew my way around the ring! These books were pretty much full of “Horse Girls Talkin’ About Horse Stuff.” Apparently the Club is still active, judging by the fancy site, so your Saddle-Club love never has to die. 8. Holly’s Heart I (sorry hellogiggles) never read this series, but it doesn't sound half bad? Maybe I'll pick them up next time I can't sleep late at night! 7. The Nancy Drew Files Even though the original Nancy Drew books came way before the 90s, the 90s spinoff The Nancy Drew Files were some of my favorite reads. How is it different? Check this plot summary: “A TASTE OF ROMANCE LEADS NANCY TO A RENDEZVOUS WITH DANGER!”). There’s a black-velvet choker involved, so you can be sure it happened in the ’90s. 6. Fear Street Goosebumps was fantastic, and Fear Street was S.C.A.R.Y!! When I read these, I definitely snuck into my brothers room and slept on his floor. On more than one occasion. According to HelloGiggles, there are actually new Fear Street books that are supposedly “more adult and more violent” than the originals. You know what? Maybe I’ll just stick with Goosebumps. 5. The Janie Johnson series (The Face on the Milk Carton) I never read this series either; oops? 4. The Time Traveler’s Quartet I totally forgot about this series until it came up on this list!! I don't think I ever finished the series (honestly, I can't remember it....) but I do remember the main characters name was Annie, and there was a super cute boy involved! 3. Lurlene McDaniel books I'm going to just share with you HelloGiggles description of this series, because it doesn't get more accurate than this: "Someone was getting sick and dying, and then you were sobbing your eyes out on the bus ride home from school. This is what we had before The Fault in Our Stars." 2. Sweet Valley High I didn't realize how weird it was to be reading about perfect, popular, blonde twins until I was much older, and I don't really enjoy these books now, but I read them time and time again when I was younger!! 1. The Baby-Sitters Club By far the best series EVER. Ok, maybe not ever, but it might be my favorite YA book series of the 90s (and 00s? that might be pushing it). The girls--Kristy, Claudia, Stacey and more--have all lived on in memory! I sort of blame these books on the fact that I never baby sat anyone (I didn't WANT to after reading these books, surprisingly). But I still enjoyed them so much. "The BSC series was great, except for that one chapter in every book that recapped everything about the girls’ lives, but you knew to skip that chapter anyway." Bonus: They totally forgot one of my favorite series: Heartland!! Heartland told the story of a girl who had horses (surprise surprise) and struggles to live happily after her mom dies in a tragic accident. I don't even remember what happened in the end, but I know they were adapted into a kind of horrible TV series that I watched anyways, but I believe it might have been canceled as well. Did they miss your favorite series? Let me know!
@cindystran For The Face on the Milk Carton?! I had no idea! Oh gosh now I need to watch it....
I grew up with those books. I read The Babysitter's Club, Nancy Drew, and The Face on the Milk Carton. Do you know they actually have a movie for that book?
The baby-sitters club is my favorite childhood book. Oh, the memories!
@galinda I'm here for you! I almost read the whole series! Aren't there close to 100?
What?! What about Thoroughbred!?
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