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Halloween is coming up and it's time to decorate your outdoor for the trick-or-treaters. 1. If you have a front porch, place a skeleton there. Put on some chains, pumpkins on the side, and scatter fall leaves on the floor - and you got yourself a spooky seating area. 2. Decorate your front stairway with some ravens. It may not look spooky during the day but if you have night lights these will look like a silhouette during the night. You can either buy the decals or create it using black construction paper. 3. If you have a trellis you can hang a skeleton on your entry way to spook your guest. 4. With some wire balls, a few sticks, and string lights, you can create glowing spiders that will scare all your trick-or-treaters. Or you can purchase it a Pottery Barn. Image sources: - Pottery Barn - -
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The ravens are really cool! I like the skeleton ideas too, god I'm really getting in the halloween spirit lol