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Jae Ha burst into tears in front of Hang seems like he just wanted to release all the burden he's been carrying recently. They hugged and then guess what?! The next scene only showed they woke up on the same bed! (I guess something must have happened the night before!) Can't wait until next week and find out what will happen between them :) Meanwhile…the evil magic guy is getting scarier and he planned something bad again next week. He finally met with Jae Ha and…. Please check my cards for the next episode at ! Please feel free to like my card and remake it into your own native language :)
omg they got..intimate afterwards >O< of course no nudity (thank god thats why you can still kdramas with ur family)!
thanks sapphire148 I loveee all of these
I loved how he pulled her into the bed when she was about to leave SO SEXY. Then he lookedso cute crying over the fact that he hangup on his brother's last call ㅜㅠ..But, that John guy!! He said that it wasn't their first time meeting!! Im so curious to know what he meant by that ><