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Don't forget to follow our other card in Ep 4 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47086 ) Ep 4 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47089 ) Ep 5 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/47399 ) Ep 5 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48141 ) Ep 6 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48341 ) Ep 6 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48418 ) Ep 7 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48900 ) Ep 7 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48540 ) Ep 8 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49425 ) Ep 8 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/48543 ) Ep 9 Preview (http://www.vingle.net/posts/49778 ) Ep 9 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/50296 ) Ep 10 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/50494) Ep 11 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/51906 ) Ep 12 Live Recap (http://www.vingle.net/posts/52348 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- cast : Sulli FX as Goo Jae Hee Minho Shinee as Kang Tae Joon Lee Hyun Woo as Cha En Gyol Kim Ji Won as Seol Han Na Seo Jun Yong as Ha SeungRi ___________________________________________________ LIVE RECAP START Now Eungyol called Jaehee who was in the kitchen with Taejoon. Taejoon said "don't go out, when u're with me, don't acre about Eungyol And I will not let you go to America" Eungyol come and told Jaehee to switch their phone. The doctor send TAejoon and JAehee back to the dormitory. TAejoon even carried JAehee's bag. The doctor who saw all that felt weird. When they got to the room, Taejoon let Jaehee get d=shower first. then after that, he want to talk with JAehee. Jaehee felt weird and thought if TAejoon found out if she's girl. The doctor still feel nervous about Taejoon's action, so he send message to JAehee telling her to be careful in front of Taejoon. But the doctor made some mistake, Taejoon who got the message sent message back to the dotor. Bot of them meet, and Taejoon told the doctor that he also know Jaehee's secret. Taejoon who was going to tell JAehee that he know. was being told by teh doctor, if he said it, JAehee will feel weird and will leave. When he was back, he decide not to talk to JAehee. But Jaehee is the one who asked what does taejoon mean by "when u're with me, don't acre about Eungyol And I will not let you go to America". Taejoon remembered teh doctor's word and said it will troublesome for him to change roomate. Jaehee heard it and want to go away , but Taejoon stop her and said "just stay beside me" Jaehee said yes and promise will stick by his side. In the mroning, Jaehee already prepared some srink for Taejoon to drink before exercise. JAehee then found post it in her cheek from Taejoon saying thank you. Taejoon ride the bicycle with big smile. His practice always go smoothly and made the coach happy. Jaehee who watched from the door, send some signal fighting. Hyonjae on the other hand was very bad in his exercise and made the coach angry. The coach made Hyonjae watched Taejoon jump and made him feel more bad. With the competition getting nearer, the coach told him to be more focus. Eungyol and Jungmin played Tarot when Jaehee come. Eungyol card showed, he will do good in competition and found some fortune and found love. Eungyol asked Jungmin to do Tarot with Jaehee. Jungmin did it even he doesn't really like it. Jaehee card turn out to be " the death" and Jungmin told her to becareful. Eungyol later told JAehee not to care about the card. Eungyol ride the new kind of bicycle. and JAehee try it . Then Eungyol said if he made goal, his signature style will be making the number "9" with his body which mean "gu" On the way, Jahee saw Hyonjae looked anxiou in the top of the stiars. When Taejoon walk down the stair,JAehee called him and made him stopped . At that time, some pot fell from above which was supposed to be for TAejoon. JAehee told TEAjoon about Hyonjae and then remembered about the card. she told him to be more careful. HAnna meet with the reporter saying she will parctice and not stop her career. And she also said she already broke up with TAejoon since he's not that interesting anymore. At night, Hyonjae was trying to cut TAejoon's bike brake when Jaehee found him. Hyonaje just left with hurry after getting caught. In the room, Eungyol surprised him and gave him some present. At night, Hyonjae was feeling anxious and kept thinking. in the morning, when Taejoon was about to leave with his bicycle. She remembered last night incident, and asked Taejoon to walk with her instead taking the bicycle. She ended up taking TAejoon's bicycle. But on the way down the hill. Taejoon's bike was broken. Thankfully, Eungyol was around and save her, but Eungyol's foot was hurt making him can't attend the game. Eungyol said okay but looked stressed in behind. the doctor told Eungyol to take a rest . Actually Eungyo's leg is not so good. Jaehee cofront HYonjae about the incident. Hyonjae got angry and about to hit her when Eungyol come and hear it. Eungyol confront him and Hyonaje just said nothing. Hyonjae just said sorry and Eungyol said he's dissapointed with him. Taejoon come to the class and asked about Jaehee's accident. Jaehee said he is okay but Eungyol is not. Seungri come to find Hanna in the hospital. HAnna asked about the re operation. Seungri gave some drink to HAnna. Seungri also said he also got accident and want to show her the mark. He opened his pant and made Hanna hit him to stop him. Hanna smiled and left him. The broke up news got into the class and everyone kid Taejoon as the uninteresting boy. Hyonaje didn't come to the class and made Teajoon think about the incident again. The coach meet with Taejoon's father. At that time Jaehee pass by and the coach introduce them. The father asked to speak with her. JAehee asked the father to belive in him more. and The father told her that Teajoon blame him for his mother's death. Eungyol was scolded by the coach not to be careful and hurt him . he can lose a good chance because of that. Eungyol found some little girl inside the school. He asked the girl and the girl asked for TAejoon. Eungyol called Taejoon but no asnwer. He asked the little girl to come back but she said no Jaehee was thinking about Taejoon's father word. Eungyol come carrying some big bag with the little girl inside . the little girl said she's not Taejoon sister , she's Taejoon girlfriwns. the ciach come and made the girl hide again in the bag, the coach asked them to tell TAejoon to call him and resolve Hyonjae's problem. Hyonjae was in the gym holding paper of his resignation letter from the game. Taejoon was found by the coach in the locker room. the coach asked id he know anything about hyonjae's condition. The little girl was actually Hyonjae's sister and Taejoon's big fans. Hyonjae even lied he was Taejoon's roomate and bestfriend. Eungyol and JAehee helped Hyonjae to lie and said it's true . Hyonjae took the sister home and just send him to the door. The sister asked Hyonjae to get the gold medal and made promise with her. Hyonjae come back to the room and said thank you to eungyol because he was nice to his sister. Hyonjae said after what he did he still nice to his siter. Eungyol just said his siter is cute and asked why he did the action. Hyonjae just said because he want to win. and feel unfair when he saw Taejoon's skill. Eungyol just said to stay focus and work hard. Eungyol ended up cheering him. TAejoon was practising in the gym when Jaehee come TAejoon said thank you because she saved him from all the incident. Taejon hugged her from behind and said thank you. Taejoon just said why he is so shocked since JAehee come from America and must be get used to hug. Hyonjae found Taejoon and said sorry and admit all the accident was his fault. he said he will resign if TAejoon told him to. Taejoon just said he doesn't know anything, and said the competition is near. Hyonjae understand TAejoon mean and smiled bitterly. In the room, JAehee gave his phone showing his father is calling. Taejoon just ignore him, and JAehee asked why he didn't go home often. TAejoon asked if she met his fther, JAehee said yes. JAehee said she wish he can reconciale with his father. TAejoon said if she doesn't stop he will go out. taejoon ended up in the dog house. Taejoon said he know it's not JAehee's fault. TAejoon remembered his childhood. They were waiting for the father to have dinner together. But the father didn't come just send flower. And Taejoon found his mother fell down . And the father just come home after drink and act nothing when the mother went to ER. the mother kept coughing and when Taejoon asked the father to send him to hospital. the father said yes but busy with his work. the mother ended up died . Teajoon said why the father lied to him saying it's not a big disease. the ftaher just said sorry. Teajoon said if the ftaher listen to him and care more about his mother. His mother will not die. Jaehee found Taejoon's phone which was still ringing from his ftaher. Jaehee found Taejoon and told him to go quickly. TAejoon's father got sick and fell down. Next week preview TAejoon was crying while walking along the bridge. His father wwas in the hospital but still Taejoon showed him cold side. TAejoon was asking AJehee for her support. On the other hand, Eungyol was more confused with him liking a boy. Taejoon just can't hold his feeling. and kiss JAehee? Viki Video full ep : http://www.vingle.net/posts/54997
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the real hyeonja and this hyeonjae is so different ,, in real life he is a happy person but in this drama idont know what to say ....
common taejoon.. confess already.. she won't go away if you tell her but only stick closer V3sia thanks.. i love your recaps..their so detailed
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