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Finally making a new collection and here's why. I realized my fashion made a slight change after graduating from college. It's been a year since I started working and my closet is beginning to look casually "professional" and it's a good thing! I can finally ditch those tennis shoes and flip-flops and invest in a few pair of flats and pumps. It was difficult to walk in those on campus! With my current job, I travel less and I get to bring these beautiful shoes out of their shell. In conclusion, I hope this collection will give you some inspiration on work attire. As you have seen from my previous collections I really like comfy clothes. This is why I love this look (image above). It's casual, trendy and appropriate for the office. <Evaluation> I don't usually wear hats, but I like beanies. Especially on days I don't know what to do with my hair. Top: I'm in love with the green sweater. The color is beautiful and the details is refreshing. Bottom: I think faux-leather pants are the trendiest thing. I'm not a big fan of skinny leather pants because it not comfortable, but I love the boyfriend fit. Shoes: The suede fabric is very fall. This style will look great with a pair of black pumps, but the peep-toe heel transform this classic look to chic.
I think I love everything about this. I'm not so sure about that furry jacket in her hand, but everything else is an item I would definitely wear!
Comfy sweaters and nice pants are what I live in now that its autumn. I love all the pieces in this outfit :)
The beanie really adds something nice to this look that I need: cozyness!
Those shoes are so nice!