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Unable to come to an agreement Dish Network, the reigning satellite TV giant, will be losing numerous channels including CNN, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies. Dish was in negotiations with Turning Broadcasting after a series of conflicts over the past two years. The Dish-Turner debacle is reportedly due to Dish customer’s complaints about the cost of Dish’s service. Dish released a statement saying that "the two sides failed to reach an agreement on a new contract or an extension, which would have kept the Turner channels on the air while negotiations continued.” This is disappointing news for Dish Network customers, but not altogether unsurprising. With the increase of subscription streaming services and free streaming from many network websites, customers can afford to be a little choose about what they pay for, and how much they pay. Time will tell if Dish and Turner are able to reach any sort of agreement, or if Dish sees a drop in customers.
@AgentCory we can only hope. There's so many options now, supply and demand after all really should get some good options available!
maybe now they'll thinking about lower their prices, when even Dish is trying to get the price down you're doing something wrong