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Video Tip: How To Make a Quality (and Inexpensive!) Canvas for Painting

If the rest of my Art Student Tips cards haven't made it obvious quite yet, I am a huge fan of sharing ways to save a little money when creating art. (Hey, they call them 'starving artists' for a reason!) Art supplies are a lot more expensive than most people think, and even the least expensive products add up when you're constantly needing to replenish your supply. Case in point: Canvases. Nice quality canvases are really costly, and of course, you need one every time you're ready to sit down and paint again. But it doesn't have to be that expensive. Invest in stretcher bars, linen, and the oils required to treat your canvas, and you'll find that all it needs is a quick prep and it's ready to go! I would have written out instructions myself, but I feel like this is one of those projects you really need to watch. Here is a nice, paced step-by-step video from YouTube painter Artist Rage that shows you exactly how it's done. Happy painting!
Its very thoughtful of you to have posted this :) luckily here I get good quality canvas for very affordable prices.
This is something I do with my more advanced returning students actually, have them help me prep some canvases for each quarter. Great tutorial though, really useful if you've never done it before!
I really want to try this out myself, thanks for the tutorial!
@danidee never knew it was that easy to make a canvas!
@nikkinjg I hope you find it helpful! :)
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