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For the first time in its 600-year history, the Vatican has rented out the Sistine Chapel for use as a private event venue. Luxury automaker Porsche paid €5,000 a person (roughly $8,000) for the 40-person event held inside, a small charity concert starring a choir from the 500-year-old Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome. This is not the first time the Sistine Chapel has been used for such performance events, but this is the very first time performances have been held for a corporate donor as opposed to members of the Vatican themselves. In an interview with the Telegraph, the Vatican Museums Monsignor Paolo Nicolini explained the reason for such a pivitol decision in operations: "It is an initiative which will support the Pope's charity projects. It is aimed at big companies which, through the payment of a fee, can contribute to charity activities." What do you think about the Vatican's decision to rent out the Sistine Chapel for corporate events? Do you think the partnership between the Vatican and corporate donors would help or hurt Sistine Chapel fresco preservation efforts? Let me know. I'm curious to see what the Vinglers think!
the Vatican and Catholic church have done more for the world than ppl know or care to learn of. Ppl hate what they don't know
being Catholic first thought opposing the idea but I guess if it helps preserve the beauty of the chapel it may not be so bad. Still not sure
i think it's a fine example of the Vatican lining their pockets in a futile attempt to stockpile a hoard even more money, to try and buy a shot in the arm for their dying religion. its not about the rental of the Sistine chapel, who really gives a fuck. its the fact they need the money. since when did the Vatican do such things....Never. No amount of money will keep a false, shameful violent religious order from falling from the inside out.....big business fails....ask GM. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE NO LONGER BELIEVE U WILL CEASE TO EXIST.#false god #false god #sky fairy # open ur mind
This is crazy :/ I mean, I guess it's up to them to decide who to rent it out to (and this is kind of better than taxing peoiple more to come into vatican city i guess?) but it still just feels.....weird
Also, if the monsignor states it supports the Pope's charitable cause, then why don't they rent out directly to the charities themselves? Oh, that's right. Because those charities, unlike Porsche, can't shell out $8000 per head. It's a sad day when monetary gains for the church have to be so prominent.
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