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Wow, wow, wow. This is, hands down, one of the most inspiring projects I have heard about! A tech startup called MotionSavvy is building a sign-to-speech tool that will create seamless conversation for the deaf and the hearing. The team at Motion Savvy consists of deaf individuals who met at Rochester Institute of Technology. The product itself will be released on a Windows 8 tablet using Leap motion, but is expected to release on Android as well. Deaf users are able to communicate with others who do not know ASL. The first video I linked is a campaign ad. If you have the time, I recommend you watch the second video I linked, especially around the 4:00 minute mark. The CEO, Ryan Hait-Campbell and the rest of the MotionSavvy team share what they are working on and their dream: to help deaf people show their potential by removing communication barriers. I am so amazed and excited to know that the team is working on a product that they know will help their lives. This startup reminded me to never underestimate the talent of people, regardless of any disability - and I also learned some new facts about ASL in the United States. CEO Ryan Hait-Campbell shares in their video blog that interpreter costs are very high, and unless you are in school or in a company who is paying these services, an average deaf person simply cannot afford it. In fact, they themselves, as a startup cannot afford interpreter services. This means they are not able to show their full potential...which is why they believe UNI will be a product that can change many people's lives. Check them on Indiegogo at
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This is really empowering. Tech for a cause! It's really cool that the founders are also deaf...means their product will definitely be what they feel is most effective