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The Columbia Broadcasting System will be launching a semi-brand new subchannel called Decades. The retro digital channel will focus on pop culture history and feature hits from CBS’s vast archive of shows including I Love Lucy, Cheers, and Beverly Hills 90210. CBS will also be partnering with Weigel Broadcasting, a Chicago based indie corporation who will help distribute Decades. It’s been a long time since there’s been a new throwback channel on the air, and having a catch-all of CBS’s greatest hits sounds like a really exciting medley of shows! After all, where else can I see Lucy and 90210 in the same place?!
sounds like a neat idea, though if they're doing a really wide range of time I guess I'm not sure how that'll work. like tv land was supposed to be shows from a specific time period right?
@kristenadams me too! I'm really excited to see what they include! @galinda that's what I thought of too, hopefully they'll have a good lineup!
So it's basically TV Land before TV Land went bad haha
I love I Love Lucy! This is awesome news!