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Here's another combination that is rich in antioxidants – this one is simple, looks beautiful, tastes amazing, and best of all can be reused! When I’m finished with my infused water for the day I like to strain the berries (including berries from the other recipes here too) and pop them into the freezer to later add to a smoothie – that way you also get the fiber content which is important for digestion.
That's such an awesome idea. I was about to complain that sometimes infused waters can feel like such a waste of fruit, but now I'm all about it!
Sounds delicious and so good for you, and I agree that's a great idea for the "used" berries! I love lemon water so I'd probably throw a couple slices of lemon in too!
Great idea. I usually buy frozen berries from trader joes for smoothies. I use it in place of ice. It's much more flavorful.
Fun recipe! I'd add in a bit of mint as well.
@nokcha I am totally going to start freezing my left overs!
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