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Hey guys! The #vinglelongboardgiveaway will run from October 22 - October 31. Here is how you can win 1 of 2 fully assembled longboards. RULES: 1. Install the Vingle App 2. Join the Longboarding community! (This link will let you make sure you have joined: www.vingle.net/interest/longboarding/publishers) 3. If you win, show off your prize by posting pics here on Vingle! You NEED to join the community to be able to win! You can check if you are a member by clicking the members tab OR by going to www.vingle.net/interest/longboarding/publishers SHARE this post to your FB & Twitter to give help one of your friends possibly win one too! Announcement of winner will be posted on Vingle and on FB on October 31st at 9 pm EST!
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Ah see, apparently you have to click on the publishers link to see his personal news feed were he has it listed
3 years ago·Reply
It popped up in my feed a few days ago. Just like any other post or video.
3 years ago·Reply
Like this post if you get high, And go skate and tell me it was the best tide ever...
3 years ago·Reply
wait so who got the longboard?
3 years ago·Reply
how do we find out and cool
2 years ago·Reply