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This Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model and actress was a cheerleader in high school and regularly mixes gym workouts with outdoor challenges like hiking and running on the beach. Last year, she also got into yoga. “She liked that it was challenging and that she felt really good afterward—de-stressed, positive, and happy,” says Tara Stiles, author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, who trained and starred alongside Decker. Her favorite moves? Grounding balance poses like half moon, tree and dancer’s pose.
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Yoga is amazing for toning! Even doing a tiny bit a day makes a big difference. I don't notice much in my body shape per-say but I definitely see a change in my strength!
Funny, dancer pose is one of my favorites too but I don't look like this at all hahaha
@GetFitwithamy join the club!
how much of that photo is photoshopped? remember that ladies and gents.