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To tone up for the title role in her 2011 thriller Red Riding Hood, Amanda Seyfried also turned to celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza. “She was so committed,” says Braganza who challenged Amanda with the same 3-2-1 method she uses with Alba. Small-framed and naturally slender, Amanda’s workouts were focused on adding muscle definition and building strength all over. Check the HIIT workout that only takes 10 minutes!
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HIIT workouts are great for everyone!
Sweet!! I need to start trying this; she's one of my favorite celebs, so I'd love to try to match her workout style :)
If I had a body like her I don't need to work out.
a fat girls workout nightmare lol imma do it though!!!! woo!!!
just tried it. i couldnt get up with just my legs and the diamond one... hahaha... fail!