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Anthology Showcasing Comics by Puerto Rican Women

The Soda Pop Anthology is a really cool collection of comics from Soda Pop Comics, a group of Puerto Rican women who write and illustrate comics. The anthology was created, as you could guess, to document and showcase this community of creators. Soda Pop inclues 26 artists, beginners and pros, and has a variety of styles and stories. The only central theme the anthology has is just highlighting the women creators, so the variety of content has everything from light and fun to science fiction โ€œmangaโ€ style. Thereโ€™s also interviews, info about comics history, tutorials, all sorts of stuff. You can check the article for full more info about the anthology but I now Iโ€™ll be putting it on my wishlist! You can also check out their website to learn more about Soda Pop Comics. Recognizing women in comics and encouraging new female creators is so so so important and this anthology is a great effort to do that.
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