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Grant Trebilco and his friend Sam Schumacher started One Wave Is All It Takes just over a year ago on Bondi Beach. Every Friday Grant and a growing group of fellow surfers and yogis head to the beach with their surfboards and yoga mats just before sunrise, dressed in bright fluorescent clothes. Grant - who has bipolar disorder - says the point of "Fluro Fridays" is to break down the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, by getting people to talk about them. Check out BBC's coverage of the group to see what they're all about! http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-29650548
Right on: I love the active attitude towards this. Don't hang around on it, but get up and do something!
this is really awesome!!! there's so much unnecessary stigma about depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses and it only makes them worse, this is a really good way to actually help c:
How fun! They're right about people not understanding depression, I've had plenty of relatives who havent gotten the help that they needed because people thought they just had a bad attitude
I wish I surfed just so I could be a part of this!
What a cool group!! More reasons to move to Australia I guess :)