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Infographic (and article) detailing the movies we can expect in the next six years, including DC, Marvel, and others including Vertigo and Disney. It’s looking to be a good half decade for comics movie fans. Now am I happy I have to wait three years for my Wonder Woman movie? Not really, but at least it’s got a release date which is a lot more than we’ve had before. One really good sign in all of this is that the DC announcement came after execs met with investors, meaning that Warner Bros. is taking their lineup of movies seriously as a long term investment not just stand alone hit or miss movies. One other highlights from the article is that Jena Malone has been confirmed as Carrie Kelley in Batman v Superman ( which is gonna be awesome! As for Marvel, at this point all they have to do is keep their momentum going that they’ve already built up. And incorporating more events from the comic work into the movies is another good plan. Captain American 3, for example, is planned to be the movie-verse take on Marvel’s Civil War event from a few years ago.
I wonder if everyone will be sick of these super hero movies by the end of this plan haha
looking forward to Gambit
@sophiamor I really hope not! :O I think if they do different things with them, and make them different it'll be ok. like most people wouldn't call Constantine a superhero movie even though he's a DC hero.