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It seems that the Giants continue their postseason roll. There is just something about the Giants these past few years. Once the playoffs start, they are nearly unbeatable. With a dominating game 1 win over the Royals in Kansas City, the Giants are setting themselves up for yet another parade. 10 out of the last 11 world series winners have won game 1, and looking at the dominating fashion the Giants took this game, it seems it will soon become 11 out of 12. Personally, I do hope that the Royals find a way to pull this series out, but I just do not see it.
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Video doesn't work!
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@eightynine will only work in the US region
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@goyo Nah im in SF and its not working for me. It says "This video is private."
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@chickenNrice I changed the video! thanks
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