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Sometimes, it's really cute when the sea lions want to steal your fish because they're just too lazy (or confused) to catch their own. It's not as cute when they bite you. I can't say I appreciate these guys' humor in the last few moments (sea lion steak? really) but it was a pretty real thing that happens overall!! Sea Lions are fun but sometimes they're annoying. Kind of like the geese of the sea for a SW kayaker!
@fallingwater Oh, I'm not sure what the rule is. You might be best off to throw all your fish to him if you're keeping any since that what he was after
i"ve never seen anything like this where I fish, hah. Everything runs away from me except the fish and the bugs
I'd probably be too afraid to push it off my kayak; what are you even supposed to do in this situation? @yakwithalan
@onesmile Yeah, these little buggers can be cute, and they can also be really, really annoying.
I thought it was being really cute until he started trying to bite him lol :(