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Adorable parody of a Dawson's Creek trailer using dachshunds instead of people. Personally, aside from it being slightly more adorable, I can't really tell the difference! This brings back so many memories of DC, I may just have to go back and re-watch some of it to relive my youth.
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oh my god I have never seen Dawson's Creek but now I'm like really curious
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@TeamWaffles agreed, but so cute! @AgentCory it was one of the first teen oriented dramas that sparked so many more like One Tree Hill, The OC, and on and on.
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Ah the memories! This is so fantastic!
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lol this is great, I remember avoiding this show when I was younger, so I don't even know the characters but I can still tell it's perfect.
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This is so perfect. But I have a heavy dachshund bias.
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