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I started longboarding years ago, back in 2005. This is one of the earliest pictures I could find. My friends are the reason I began longboarding and even though I don't live near most of them anymore we still meet up for some shred time. Growing up as surfers in South Florida meant that we would have waves for a few months in the winter and we would have to figure out what else to do for those boring months. Longboarding was a good outlet, but we didn't have great boards. In this picture I was using a sidewalk skateboard from the 70s drilled with new trucks, bearings, and wheels of course. Again, South Florida didn't have hills. What we did have was parking garages and a good group of people willing to skate. Over the years we had a few mile loop of maybe 10 different parking garages all with their own unique features: the jungle, coolie, the court, riverside, toilet bowl, cheesecake, and of course cloud nine were some of my favorites. We formed relationships with the the security guards so they wouldn't kick us out immediately. For those wondering, this was our annual Halloween skate. Our Halloween skate and our Christmas skate always gathered up a group of about 20. Too long, didn't read: Good times, good friends, lots of fun was had. What got you into longboarding?