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Beautiful Carp Catch
I'm not sure whats with the song, or what language this video is in, but that is one nice carp. I want to go carp fishing in Europe just once; just to say I did!! @mcgraffy @yakwithalan You guys ever been over there?
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i think that song is a band called fly leaf man
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@dougjohnson Lol @JamesCraig knows more about the song than I do, but nah I've never been fishing in Europe! Never even been there.
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@dougjohnson Nah I haven't been over there either for fishing or for fun. Stick my own areas.
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we got carp this size right down at the marina on the Niagara River. @dougjohnson may be cheaper to come here and get one than europe
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@JustinRussell @dougjohnson I might have to do it to then. seems like a better trip to me as well
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