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This has got to be the easiest Halloween treat ever, and it only has 3 ingredients! Apples Nut Butter and/or Jelly Slivered Almonds First you slice ‘em up. Feel free to rub a bit of lemon juice on them if they will be sitting out. This is why I like spreading nut butter on the middle to cover up the apple flesh – it hides a bit of browning. Now, spread on some jam or nut butter for the tongue and then push some slivered almonds in for the teeth. For a nut-free option, sunflower or pumpkin seeds can work in a pinch. Likewise, you could also use sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter.
These are hilarious, I love that the jelly looks like blood
@asparagus very possible, but I'll still try it at least once to see!
That's a ton of work to put in each tooth...I'll make one of my friends do it instead haha
@caricakes I know! I wasn't too sure about them when I came across this recipe haha and I'm sure pears would work as well @pixiedust Though they seem to brown more quickly than apples.
These are so spooky, who thought this up?!
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