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Author, Cartoonist and Discovery Fellow Lynda Barry has leads class on cartooning and writing techniques to help children and adults begin to put their ideas on the page. This time around, she spent some time talking to people of all ages to envision the future of Education. Now, even if the ideas discussed aren't the most "serious," it certainly raises many questions I have about the future of education as well. What will be different about the appearance, purpose, atmosphere and community of the school campus 100 years from now? What will last through the century and prove itself to be of enduring value? When I try to envision the future of education, I find it to be incredibly difficult: the ways schools have been changing in the last two decades make it nearly impossible to think of how schools will persist. We are seeing advances in technology, sure, but test levels, funding, and the number of schools continues to be a big problem. Because I can't envision a solution to this problem, I find it difficult to think 10 years, let alone 100 years into the future. In an ideal world, we will have great technology, a real teacher in every room, and innovative projects for every student. Will we see this? I somehow doubt it. What do you think?
@sanityscout Great idea! I'm not knowledgeable about comics, so I wasn't sure if they'd find something like this interesting or not. Added it! It must have been a pleasure to meet her; I think she seems like a person that lives fun, if you know what I mean.
I love Lynda Barry! I hope you share this with the Comics community. I got to hear her speak last year, and it was fun and eye-opening. She is a very open thinker with great ideas. It shows in her comics!
It's definitely an interesting thing to think about, and I agree that it's hard to imagine what schools will be like even 20 years from now, let alone 100. I think one reason it's so difficult to imagine the future of education is it feels very much like we're con the brink of big changes in the way education work in this country. There's been so much research and public discussion about the problems of our current education system in the last couple of years and so many schools are trying to make big changes. All of this makes it feel like the entire notion of education is in flux and won't necessarily be the same next year.
@onesmile I hope that you're correct!
I don't know, if we can all launch out of volcanos in the future at school I don't think things will be all bad.