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Grace Coddington Materials Needed: Curly Red Wig, Dark Lipstick, Blue Jacket, White Shirt Anna Wintour Materials Needed: Big Collar or Necklace, Sunglasses, Vintage Earrings, Sheath Dress, Vogue Magazine Bill Cunningham Materials Needed: Red Tie, Newsboy Cap, Blue Windbreaker, White Shirt, Camera Iris Apfel Materials Needed: Blonde Short Hair Wig, Colorful Accessories, Big Round Glasses, Patterned Jacket
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Oh my goodness these are too cute! Such creative costume ideas too, they really captured the looks!
Anna Wintour's is so fab!
I am totally going to use this as inspiration for my costume this year hahaha
@galinda I'm sure you'll rock it!
I definitely thought the first picture was of a Merida costume XD oops, these are still awesome tho!