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Kevin Spacey is The Rainforest. Edward Norton is The Soil. Robert Redford is The Redwood. Penélope Cruz is Water. Harrison Ford is The Ocean. Julia Roberts is Mother Nature. Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, and Robert Redford all join forces to give nature a voice. I hope we, I hope human beings, will move away from the model that 'progress' means constant growth, and many more humans. I think of Las Vegas which continues to grow, essentially a city built in a desert yet people continue to move there, even as water becomes more scarce and aquifers are being drawn down dramatically in some parts of the world. I hope that we can begin to find a balance for the way we use our resources--which are all limited--as we continue to live. Mostly, I hope that nature can continue to exist with us. Because we need nature. Are we prepared to protect nature? For more info on this project: http://natureisspeaking.org
@onesmile @yakwithalan We're all more aware now, so that's one step, right? I do think video takes it a little far to be taken seriously though at points.
Really good campaign, the only thing that could make this better would be two things: George Tekai and Morgan Freeman.
Heard you loud and clear: definitely time to share these with my students! This would be a fun set of videos for them to recreate.
These are beautifully done, and I think very effective. It's a powerful message and it makes you really think about the issues surrounding us.
I love this message! I wish this adds would play on TV all around the world: people need to realize just what it means to really love nature, at the most basic level, and to become aware that we need to learn how to take care of nature.
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