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The first trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 coming to theaters on November 21st. Oh boy oh boy oh boy where to begin. I know not everyone liked the changes made in the last movie, but personally I thought they made it better. It gives Katniss more action in what she does, where in the book she doesn't know what's going on here they're going in kind of a different direction and I think it's really cool. BUT I do kinda wonder what they might change about Peeta. No spoilers but everyone who read the book knows what the deal is, and from this trailer I can't tell if it's the same or different. Thoughts anyone? Seems right up @timeturnerjones alley?
@timeturnerjones >< well then, here's hoping it's still good!
@MasriDaniela saaaame! What'd you think of the last one?
can't wait ...
@AgentCory I hope so, I don't want it all to end on a disappointment, but honestly it was the end of book 3 that made me the most mad so I'm not sure!!
@timeturnerjones yeah I can understand that, but maybe the first part will be your least favorite and then the second part will be better!
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