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This story is a little spooky, and really sad. Last week, an Ohio high school sophomore visited a haunted house in her area with around 100 friends and family! At "The Land of Illusion" haunted house: while going through the attraction, she collapsed and died. It turns out the girl had been born with a lung problem that prevented her lungs from growing normally, this in turn caused her heart to become 4 times it’s normal size to make up for the fact that she only had one working lung. It turns out that the heart having to work so hard is what caused it to increase in size and eventually, collapse. Her mom and family have been incredibly frustrated at news reports early on saying that her death was caused by fear at the attraction; the real problem, they explained, has been something they have known about for their entire lives. She said doctors had not been optimistic that the girl would live past infancy and even sent her home to die when they couldn’t do anything else to help her, Benge said. A sad story, to be sure, but Christian Faith Benge, named that way after she miraculously survived infancy, will be happily remembered by her friends and family who are thankful they got to know her as long as she did.
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@hikaymm @nokcha Yeah :( So sad....
Wow this is a heartbreaking story. I am glad she was able to live as long as she did though.
This is so sad :( I saw the story when everyone was saying she was frightened and had a heart attack, it was so misreported :( condolences to everyone invovled